My name is Adam Sultenfuss and I am from Centreville, Md. I grew up hunting ducks and geese on Maryland’s famed Eastern Shore. I started waterfowl hunting at an early age with my dad. Though we had a 7 year cut in our Canada goose season the passion for it grew. Whether its Canada geese in one of our pits or ducks in our flooded timber from October to January I am chasing waterfowl. Over the years we have added 2 ponds through DU in order to create habitat for migrating waterfowl, and the ability to watch and listen to those birds has made me a better hunter.

My passion for goose hunting has become an obsession; I will instantly drop whatever I am doing to check out birds on the wing. My family all shares this passion. I credit my dad for introducing me to the sport that I have grown to love. Many days in the fall my dad, little brother and I can be found side by side in the wood duck hole enjoying some of the most impressive airborne action money can buy. Over the years I have introduced many folks to the waterfowling world with the hopes of igniting that passion in others.

I have been a member of Team Strait Meat since 2011 but have been using the Strait Meat calls since the early 2000’s. I pride myself on using the best out there and there is no better. I love working with calls, helping other folks get better and not just be able to blow a call but to be able to use it effectively. As part of Team Strait Meat that’s my main goal, help others out to make their hunting experience with any of the Strait Meat calls a great one. I am always ready to retune or tinker with a call to make it sounds just right. So if your ever on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, feel free to drop me a line