My name is Andy Dennison I served 10 years Active Duty U.S. Coast Guard as an Avionics Electrical Technician and Flight Mechanic.   I owe all my success to my wife and three great kids; I couldn’t do it without their support. Originally from Kansas, I have been hunting since I could walk. “It’s all about getting them to commit, cupping their wings, putting down the landing gear and shooting them in the lips.” A self-proclaimed waterfowl fanatic, I still enjoy deer, turkey and even gator hunting down in Florida. I have lived in Kansas, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and now Alaska all with great
waterfowling success. “I hunt and fish everyday that I am able to and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

My real passion lies in educating children to the wonders of the outdoors. “I know that I have great memories of going hunting with my father and grandfather, and can’t wait to give those same types of memories to my three kids.” I am very active in conservation and outdoor sports based programs including my local DU chapter and have volunteered countless hours to various sports based charities. I am also Pro-Staff member for Final Approach, and of course last but not least Foiles Migrators.