Brian Kalkbrenner spent his childhood growing up in eastern Missouri and in the heart of the Mississippi flyway, waterfowling was in the blood of Brian from the start. Brian started at age 8 hunting all over Missouri and spending countless hours in the blind watching and learning the art of waterfowling from his father and grandfather. When he turned 10 he bagged his first mallard drake in south-eastern Missouri and he was hooked. Over the next few years he spent every minute that he could in the blind learning the art of waterfowl hunting with the grandfather and father hunting the Mississippi river and public ground in Missouri. When Brian became old enough to hunt on his own the art of waterfowing just took an even greater hold on him. He can be found on the same waters that his grandfather and father hunted and now sharing his passion with others to help the sport grow.

Brian is proud be the pro staff manager for Foiles Migrators and has also been a staff member since 2007. Brian enjoys attending numerous calling contest and waterfowl event, fishing, and boating in the off season.