Born and raised in Adrian 15 minutes away from recreation game area. I’ve hunted deer since my teenage years with a couple of friends. Out of five brothers and six sisters I was the only one that picked up hunting. After introduced to my cousin, I then switched to waterfowl. I was about 25, so my daughter, brother and cousin learned with me. I love taking my daughter out on weekends, if it’s at a lake, creek or just scouting to see what’s around. We enjoy spending time together in the outdoors. I’m very blessed and lucky to have the opportunity of hunting at least 55/60 days in the season. I mainly hunt over water. I do a lot of solo hunts because not too many people waterfowl hunt around here. I didn’t know much about waterfowl going into it with no resource at the age of 25. My knowledge of duck hunting came from a couple of guys I met at Hudson Lake. I’m known around here as the duck man. We live by a duck pond, therefore in free time we take walks with our calls. I’ve been hunting with a timber rattler since I set out my first decoy. It’s been 7 years and I haven’t put it down. It’s an honor to be on the Foiles staff.