Hi my name is Hans Hengesteg. I live in Northwood, Iowa which is about 6 miles from the Minnesota border. I started hunting at the age of ten which was mostly deer and pheasants and killing coyotes. I did also duck hunt from time to time I wasn’t that big into it until the age of seventeen when more of friends wanted to get into it.  I hunted ducks and geese more as the years went on and now its my number one thing to do. Some of my favorite places to hunt are only a few miles away from home. Some of the best places to duck hunt is getting there on foot back in where the boats can’t go. There is a pretty big refuge which holds lots of geese and ducks that I hunt nearby. I still deer hunt and pheasant hunt but it’s just something about calling in ducks and geese that make the icing on the cake. When their wings are locked and their feet are down you gets that feeling that everything has come together. All the hard work of patterning and scouting the birds pays off in the end if you are willing to give it your all and do your homework on the birds. I love getting kids involved in this sport because they are our future. I have met a lot of great people along the way that taught me many things and love sharing that knowledge with the younger generation. I hunt as much as i can during season and when that’s all done the hunting doesn’t stop then it’s time to chase the fox and coyotes which is a blast if you have never done it. I am proud to be a member of Team Strait Meat!!!