What could I say about me? Ok, let’s get started! I live in Saguenay/Lake St John region, Province of Quebec, Canada, which is a Canada goose, Greater Snow Goose and Black Duck mecca. I’ve started calling ducks and geese at the age of 9 and waterfowling at the age of 12. In addition of my passion for waterfowl, I’m turkey hunting addict. I work at a building maintenance service as carpenter, plumber etc. I’m also Oudoor Writer wich is my part time job for the last 14 years. In addition, I guide on a semi pro basis. I spend my free time in summer in bird watching, fishing, writing and as a teacher for calling seminars and lessons. I’ve started using Foiles products around 2004. A good friend of mine has introduced me to Jeff Foiles. Immediately, Jeff gave me my chance and helped me a lot, giving me the opportunity to use his awesome products in order to make my writing and guiding job much more easier. From the first time I blew a FMI call, It was too late, I was addicted!!! To me, being member of the FMI Pro-Staffs team is a true honor, and I’m very proud of it! In addition, it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge with people and promoting the best products of all the industry.