My name is John Manning and I am a proud member of the “Team Strait Meat” family. I live in south-central Minnesota near Mankato. I have my father to thank for my addiction to waterfowling.

Approximately thirty years ago my father brought me on my first goose hunt in Rochester Minnesota and my eyes have been pasted to the skies ever since. I attended college in the south eastern part of Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi River where my desire to hunt waterfowl flourished. Since that time, I have guided for waterfowl and pheasant hunting, competed with my labs in both waterfowl and pheasant trials, and enjoyed introducing young and new hunters to the sport of waterfowling. I currently
guide for Cole Foiles’ Tundra Saver Outfitters where we pride ourselves in putting birds in your face.

I love working shows for FMI and enjoy involvement with the hunting public at the shows, from talking hunting, call choice selection, tuning calls, and teaching new callers. I count on the high quality and ultra-realistic sounds made on the Foiles line of products to put birds on the ground, day in and day out.

Two parting thoughts to share:

*Thank a soldier for his or her service and sacrifice.

*Please try and introduce a new person to the sport of waterfowling, they are our future of the sport.

Good hunting,