My name is Troy Hane.  I grew up in western Iowa, and am currently residing in Onawa. I have a great addiction to waterfowl, and am honored to be part of “Team Strait Meat”.  My obsession with hunting started at a young age tagging along on whitetail deer and pheasant hunts with my father.  As I grew into my teenage years, I moved to Onawa and found a new fixation -waterfowl.  I was HOOKED!!

I still wouldn’t turn down an elk hunt in CO, hogs in TX, or speed goat in NM. I do spend a lot ofquality time in my stand bow hunting, but all it takes is a few migrators above and its “Game On”.   I have no problem traveling to Canada or Illinois, or any parts in between, to chase the migration.  I own an auto repair facility and most of my customers know that during hunting season my shop becomes part time.

With the love of waterfowl in my heart I try to help as often as I can, and as much as possible.  Ihave been a Ducks Unlimited committee member for over 15yrs, and have become area Chairman for the last three.  I have tried to introduce as many people as possible into the love of waterfowl with the hopes of keeping the waterfowl tradition around for years to come.